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February Road Roller Sales Volume Rebounds

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The accumulative sales volume from January to February is 1,697 units, declining by 41.34% year-on-year. In February, the roller sales volume is 1,055 units, declining by 30.50% year-on-year but growing by 64.33% month-on-month, of which, the export volume is 264 units, growing by 10.92% year-on-year and 69.23% month-on-month.

From January to February, in term of the accumulative sales volume, XCMG ranks the first with 300 units, declines by 64.16% year-on-year, accounting for 17.68%; Luoyang Lutong and Liugong respectively rank the second and third, with the sales volume of 243 units and 183 units.

From January to February, the accumulative sales volume of single drum mechanical roller is 832 units, accounting for 49.03%. The sales volume of single drum and double drum full hydraulic roller are respectively 285 units and 220 units. Compared with 2011, the market demand for single drum mechanical roller declines, with the market share reducing by 2.51%; the demands for single drum full hydraulic roller and light-duty roller increase slightly.