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Our YD230 Bulldozers deeply customers welcome

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Our new YD230 track bulldozers have already successfully listed.Many people like it very much.This bulldozer has many main features:
1. And 2 emissions by countries engine,energy conservation and environmental protection.
2. Using the american donaldson air filter and postfilter device,prolong engine life,increase maintenance interval.
3. Engine muffler cancel ejector device,increase exhaust given it,reduce the exhaust pressure,and then reduce the fuel consumption.
4. Adopt sealed measures before and after heat isolation cooler air,which improves the cooler to come loose hot effect.
5. Hydraulic filter increase alarm device,timely remind users cleaning cartridge or replace hydraulic oil.
6. Air conditioner cooler decorate in hood is below,can use the engine cooling air cooling,increase the cooling effect.
7. Oil,water and other daily maintenance point humanized decorate,inspection,maintenance is convenient.
8. Earth-moving oil cylinder lead high buy,reduced oil cylinder and former head of stress,and convenient check and repair engine.