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February Bulldozer Sales: Double in sales volume

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From January to February, the accumulative sales volume of the major 9 bulldozer manufacturers in China is 1,442 units, declining by 44.02% year-on-year, of which, the sales volume in domestic market is 918 units, accounts for 63.66% of the total sales volume, diclining by 56.00% year-on-year; the export volume is 524 units, accounts for 36.34%, growing by 5.43% year-on-year. In February, the sales volume is 982 units, declining by 17.96% year-on-year and growing by 113.48% month-on-month.

In term of the accumulative sales volume from January to February, Shantui ranks the first, with the sales volume of 957 units, declines 42.42% year-on-year, accounting for 66.37% of the whole bulldozer market; Yishan is the second, 100 units, with a market share of 6.93%, declining by 55.36% year-on-year; HBXG ranks the third, the sales volume is 89 units, with a market share of 6.17%, declining by 55.50% year-on-year.