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ZL30-II Wheel Loader

Product name: ZL30-II Wheel Loader
Standard bucket capacity: 1.7m3;
Rated load: 3.0t;
Operating weight: 10.18t.
Engine power: 92KW
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Model   ZL30-II wheel loader
Total weight kg 10180
Bucket capacity m3 1.7
Rated load kg 3000
Movable arm lifting time s ≤6.5
Three item time s ≤12
Min. turning radius mm 5700
Forward I-V gear km/h 6.5-36
Forward I-II gear km/h 7.5-23
Dumping height mm 3050
Dumping reach mm 1150
Overall dimension(LxWxH) mm 7630x2430x3200
Engine model   LR6B3-22
Engine rated power Kw 92
Fuel consumption L 232
Fuel capacity L 150

1. YTO LR6108 G6F1 diesel engine manufactured by using British Ricardo’s technology, with high power reserve, strong dynamic power, economic fuel consumption and green environmental protection.
2. Adopts single-stage three-element hydraulic torque converter, fixed-shaft, four-forward two-backward power gearbox, with reliable performance.
3. Fully hydraulic diverter, with easy and flexible operation, little turning radius, and stable performance.
4. Front and rear frame adopts chamber construction, with high strength and good rigidity.
5. Four-wheel double-pipe clamping-type brake, with gas tank on both sides, good braking during operation, fully reliable.
6. Z-type connection-rod, high digging force, and high shovel efficiency
7.  Integral operation platform, streamline design, and humanized operation layout, equipped with new type of electronic instrument, capable of quickly monitoring the working condition of the whole unit.
8. New type of steel cab, with good sealing and vibration absorption, and broad field of vision.
9. Standard heating and ventilation equipment, air conditioner optional.
10. Adopt domestically most advanced directional combination instrument console and electric lock against wrong start, fully showing the design philosophy of respecting the people.