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XZ657-II Wheel Loader

Standard bucket capacity: 2.7-3.3m3
Rated load: 5.0t
Operating weight: 17.1t
Engine power: 162KW
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Model   XZ657-II
Rated load kg 5.0 t
Operating weight kg 17.1 t
Capacity of bucket M3 2.7-3.3
Overall length mm 7980
Overall width mm 2889
Overall height mm 3573
Wheel base mm 3200±15
Tread width mm 2280±10
Max. dumping height mm 3150±20
Dumping reach mm 1220±20mm
Traveling speed Forward 1st gear Km/h 12
Forward 2st gear Km/h 36
Reverse 1st gear Km/h 16
Max. grade ability Deg 28
Max.Breakout force kN ≥145
Max.Traction Force kN ≥145
Min. ground clearance mm 460±20
Lifting time of bucket sec ≤6
Total cycling time sec ≤11
Diesel engine Model   WD10G220E11
Rated power kW/rpm 162
Max. torque N.m 843N.m/1500r/min
Rate fule consumption rate g/kWh ≤215
Specification of tyres   23.5-25

1.New appearance design
2.Dual-pump-converging technology
3.Individual hydraulic oil cooling system
4.Prefix AC and Ajustable Steering pump
5.Pilot Control