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Tomorrrow we will dispatch two units YTO C902 crawler tractor to Colombia

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Tomorrow morning,we will dispatch two units YTO C902 crawler tractor to Colombia.

Main parameters of YTO C902 crawler tractor:

Model   YTO C902 Crawler Tractor
Type   Agricultural crawler type
Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight)           (With earth-moving shovel) mm 4870x2462x2766
(Without earth-moving shovel) mm 4466x1835x2766
Min. operating weight Kg 6890 (equipped with earth-moving shovel)
Wheeltread mm 1435
Wheelbase mm 1622
Width of crawler mm 390
Ground specific pressure kPa 49.2(equipped with earth-moving shovel)
Diesel engine    
Model   LR6B5
Type   Vertical,water-cooling,four-stroke
Displacement L 7.42
Rated power and speed Kw/r/min 66.2/2200
Gears forward/rear   4/2
Speed forward/rear Km/h 3.67-9.03/3.51-5.59
Power of power takeoff shaft Kw/r/min 56
Speed of PTO r/min 750
Clutch   12-inch double-disc single-action
Work attachments    
Type pf three-point linkage   Rear-mounted two-point or three-point class-II linkage
Depth-control method   Height adjustment
Lifting force Kn 14
Size of earth-moving shovel (Width x Height) mm 2462x850
Underground depth of earth-moving shovel mm 290


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