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YTO 100-130hp 4WD Wheeled Tractor

Model: YTO X1004/X1204/X1254/X1304 Wheeled Tractor
Engine rated power: 73.5kw/88.2kw/92kw/95.6kw
Engine brand: YTO
Engine: LR6A3-23/LR6B5-23/LR6M5-23/LR6M5-23
Driving type: 4WD
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Model X1004 X1104 X1204 X1254 X1304
Drive Type 4×4
Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 5010×2192×3060 5040×2255×3060 5040×2380×3100 5050×2370×2890
Wheel Base (mm) 2688.5
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 450 470
Min. Operating Mass (kg) 4750 4820 4850 4910
Tyre Size (F/R) 14.9-24/16.9-38 14.9-26/18.4-38
Wheel Track (F/R) (mm) 1672-2003/1600-
1672-2003/1662-2262 1822-2153/1662-
Gear Shift (F/R) 12/4
Speed Range (km/h) (F/R) 2.06-28.4/4.95-13.28 2.19-29.63/4.72-13.83
Lifting Force (KN) (610mm) ≥25.5 ≥25.9
Lifting Force (Link Joint) (KN) 28 29
Diesel Engine
Model LR6A3-23 LR6B3-23 LR6B5-23 LR6M5-23 LR6M5-23
Type 6-cylinder, vertical, water cooled, four stroke direct injection diesel engine
Displacement (L) 6.49 6.87 7.43 7.7
Rated Power/Rotating Speed (kW/rpm) 73.5/2300 81/2300 88.2/2300 92/2300 95.6/2300

The YTO-X1004/X1204/X1254/X1304 wheeled tractor is developed on the basis of the Italian wheeled tractor chassis technology, adopting the British technology-based 6-cylinder turbocharged engine. The machine body has a streamline configuration. The tractor has a low fuel consumption and a desirable power economic. It has multiple gears and a wide speed range. Besides, it is flexible in steering and easy to operate.
1. Utilizing UK technology for the diesel engine, our 100-130HP wheeled tractor has large torque and powerful overload capacity.
2. The low fuel consumption contributes to energy saving and environmental protection.
3. Reliable and durable, the transmission system for eco-friendly wheeled tractor is manufactured using advanced Italian technology, characterized by forced cooling, forced lubrication, and heavy load transmission.
4. The impact-free and noise-free gear shifting is realized due to the synchronizer. The 12F+4R or 24F+8R makes for the good adaptability and high working efficiency of our 100-130HP wheeled tractor.
5. The independently controlled LUK dual clutch has good reliability and durability.
6. Our agricultural machinery can be manually controlled through the operation on the adjustable steering wheel.
7. The hydraulic wet disc brake is safe and reliable for use.
8. Two independent PTO output speed adjusts automatically to guarantee the speed consistency between the product and the farm implements.
9. There is a return oil filter device offered for the hydraulic system. The accurate flirtation makes for low system contamination and high reliability.
10. The adjustable single or double-acting multi-way valve, as well as the 2 or 3-group hydraulic outputs, is conducive to the outstanding adaptability of this farming equipment.
11. The totally enclosed cab of our 100-130HP wheeled tractor is specially designed for wide vision. Moreover, the heating equipment, air conditioner, acoustic and dust filtration system bring comfortable working environment for the driver.