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ZL50F Wheel Loader

Product name: ZL50F Wheel Loader
Standard bucket capacity: 3m3
Rated load: 5.0t
Operating weight: 16.5t
Engine power: 162KW
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Model   ZL50F wheel loader
Total weight kg 16500
Bucket capacity m3 3
Rated load kg 5000
Movable arm lifting time s 6.5
Three item time s 11.5
Min. turning radius mm 6770
Forward I gear km/h 0-11.5
Forward II gear km/h 0-38
Reverse km/h 0-16
Dumping height mm 3200
Dumping reach mm 1180
Overall dimension(LxWxH) mm 7840x2950x3450
Engine model   WD10G220E21
Engine rated power Kw 162
Fuel capacity L 280

 1. Completely new European-style fashion design, best auxiliary part in china (Weichai engine, Hangchi double shift change, Meichi drive bridge).
2. Single-stage four-component hydraulic torque converter, planet-type power gear shifting gearbox, capable of adjusting the output to torque automatically and automatic realization from high-speed low-load condition to low-speed high-load condition.
3. Optimized and improved design of work unit, making the unit lifting capacity, digging force and unloading height as well as total cycle time at or better than the national figures for high quality product.
4. The hydraulic system of the working unit adopts soft shaft operation with front location of operation valve. Small pressure loss, easy and reliable operation.
5. Fully hydraulic flow amplification and steering system. Equal-distance riveting frame, uniform front and rear wheel track, eliminating the parasite power loss during steering. Easy and flexible steering and high operation efficiency.
6. Rear frame adopts single-sheet T-type beam, with good structure stability, high reliability, and big internal space, facilitating maintenance.
7.    Integral operation platform, streamline design, and humanized operation layout, equipped with new type of electronic instrument capable of quickly monitoring the working condition of the whole unit.
8. Large-vision, fully enclosed driver cab, luxury automobile interior decoration, standard heating and ventilation equipment (air conditioner optional), high-class engineering machine with shock absorption seat.
9. Excellent coverage material, exquisite workmanship, novel and esthetic. The whole machine has advanced economic figures, and good cost performance ratio.