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YTO YD160 Crawler Bulldozer

Product name:YTO YD160 Crawler Bulldozer
Total weight: 17500kg
Max. towing force: 154kN
Engine model: WP10G178E355
Engine rated power: 131kw
Engine rated speed: 1850r/min
Min Order Qty: 1 unit
Delivery Time: 35 days
Original country: China
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Model   YTO YD160 Crawler Bulldozer
Total weight kg 17500
Max. towing force Kn 154
Engine model   WD10G178E355
Engine rated power kw 131
Engine rated speed r/min 1850
Forward III gear km/h 3.29-9.63
Reverse III gear km/h 4.28-12.53
Track board width mm 510
Land pressure kPa 67
Overall dimension(LxWxH) mm 5060×3390×3100
Bulldozer shovel(WxH) mm 3390x1160
Max. lifting height of bulldozer mm 960

1.This crawler bulldozer is equipped with new WP10G178E355 supercharged diesel engine with optimum power reservation coefficient, low oil consumption and high reliability.
2.The hydraulic torque converter and gear box with hydraulic power shift are adopted in the hydraulic system to meet many kinds of work condition.
3.The steering system and braking system are controlled by hydraulic power.The shovel blade and scarifierare controlled by operating lever, flexible, safe and reliable.
4.This machine adopts three-stage air filter, prolong the engine life and reduce the operating costs for the user.
5.Humanized operation layout ofcab is applied, which featureshigh efficient and comfortable.
6.Choose the imported instrument assembly with higher reliability, more accurate and intuitive display.
7.Optional working device: straight-tilt shovel, environmentally friendly shovel, angle shovel, coal-pushed shovel and scarifier are also available for user.