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Hydraulic Reversible Plow

1LF hydraulic reversible plow is mounted with four-wheel tractor; it is used for the loam,sand loam, cultivated and dry land ,it can finish the furrowing work in double way.
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Model   1LF-330 1LF-430 1LF-530 1LF-335 1LF-435 1LF-535
Working width mm 900 1200 1500 1050 1400 1750
Working depth mm 220-270
Number of bottoms   6 8 10 6 8 10
Total weight kg 580 750 950 620 800 1000
Matched power hp 50 70 80 55 75 90
Linkage   Three-point suspension II type ,hydraulic output(difunctional oil cylinder),
oil connection in 1/2” thread
The items selectable   (M22*1.5/M20*1.5/M18*1.5) oil connection selectable


1.The hydraulic reversible plough for 4-wheel tractor has High efficiency. 
2.Saving labor and time, The ground flat after plowing. 
3.Less idle stroke in the control of hydraulic system. 
4.The width of tractor plow share can  be 30cm,35cm. 
.Material of plough tip is 65Mn steel. 
6.Working depth could be adjusted by the depth roller.